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Why Are Retirees Fleeing California

By Arnie Urbick - May 05, 2020
This is an excerpt from an article I read by Mac Slavo March 20th, 2018 SHTFplan.com along with information from other research on the subject of people leaving California. As a Real Estate Agent in San Ramon, I am out in the field every day talking with people many of whom are retirees. There are two common threads of conversation I hear over and over. If I did sell where would I go and when I

States Where California Retirees Are Moving

By Arnie Urbick - March 20, 2019
States Where California Retirees Are Moving States Where Retirees Are Moving – 2018 Edition Derek Miller, CEPF® Sep 20, 2018 Share Despite no longer working, retirees are an important part of a local economy. They number in the millions and make up a large amount of consumer demand. As one example of their purchasing power, the Social Security Administration estimates that in 20

Baby Boomers Which Includes Retirees = 25% of U.S. Population

By Arnie Urbick - March 18, 2019
  Baby Boomers Which Includes Retirees =25% of U.S. Population This is an excerpt from an online article from www.55places.com and USA Today data, Census.gov, realtor.org Baby Boomers including some retirees make up over a quarter of the U.S. population, the majority of which are homeowners. Born after World War II, Between 1946 and 1964, these folks are typically characterized as those




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